10 Essentialistics items under €25

Are you still looking for a cheap item that you can put on your wish list? Or are you still looking for a not gift that’s not too expensive for a friend? To make it easy for you, I have listed the 10 best Essentialistics items under € 25. These gifts are perfect to give if you have a small budget! Which items are you going to add to your wish list?


I immediately start with the most expensive item on this list, the bangles. With a price of €24.99, they are just under €25. The bangles are the ideal gift because they’re timeless and they’re available with all kinds of patterns, texts, and prints. So there is something for everyone!


Although every scrunchie is of course a great gift, the glitter scrunchie is perfect for Christmas or NYE. It is a real eye-catcher, whether you wear it around your wrist or in your hair. The glitter scrunchie is available in no less than 5 colours (black, gold, silver, pink and blue).


Whether you wear them with a few other earrings or alone, with the long chain earrings you immediately create an awesome look. And you can wear them through several holes at the same time, how cool is that? They come in three variants, namely with star, Northstar, and moon.


Do you love bracelets? Then go for one of the bracelet with beads all around. These bracelets are great to combine with some other minimalistic bracelets or with one of the bangles. The beads give this bracelet a classy look. Great for a Christmas party! You can choose from 3 variants.


Of course, they couldn’t be missing from this list, the minimalistic earrings with stones. With these earrings, you’ll certainly shine on the Christmas drinks of your work or that fun NYE party! And you can also combine them easily with some other earrings. They come in no less than 6 different variants.


Items made of velvet fabric are still trendy and also great to wear because this fabric feels so nice and soft. Also, a hairband made of this fabric is so warm during these cold days. It’s is available in both black and grey. Because of the neutral colours, this hairband is easy to match with any outfit.


There should also be a ring on the list, of course. Your outfit is just not complete without one! You probably already wear a lot of jewellery items with your Christmas and NYE outfit, so a subtle ring is enough. The ring with a heart or a star is just perfect for this. And if you want something extra, you can combine a few subtle rings! 


The perfect addition to your earparty: the stud earrings with chain! They are available in no less than 8 different kinds. You can easily mix and match these earrings with some other earrings. Do you have multiple holes in your ears? Then it’s nice to wear this earring in your last hole. This gives a great effect!


You spot jewellery items with coins everywhere and also this winter you’ll see them again. Not only is the price of this necklace great, but you can also combine it endlessly with somewhat longer necklaces with a charm. You can choose from no less than 5 colours (black, white, grey, pink, and blue) for the beads.


And finally, another hair accessory on this list, namely the plain scrunchie with ribbon. These plain scrunchies with bow are the perfect finishing touch for your Christmas or NYE outfit. The black and red versions in particular! These colours fit perfectly with this time of the year! Also available in 5 other colours.

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