Heart bracelets to share with a loved one, such as your mom, daughter, sister, best friend, aunt, or niece! How does it work? First, pick a bracelet for yourself and your loved one(s). You can choose from three variants (a closed heart, an open heart and two hearts that are connected). Secondly, choose the right size bracelet. You can choose between a size for adults and a size for young children. Next, decide for each bracelet whether you want it in silver or gold. Lastly, you pick the card you like. There are four different cards, so there is definitely something for you!

All details:

  • Heart bracelets to share with a loved one
  • The price listed is for one bracelet
  • Choose from three variants, namely a closed heart, an open heart or two hearts that are connected.
  • Choose between an adult (length: 16 cm + 4 cm extension chain) and child version (length: 12 cm + 4 cm extension chain)
  • Available in silver and gold
  • You can choose the colour of each bracelet individually. So no worries if you prefer silver and your loved one prefers gold.
  • The bracelets are delivered on a card. You can choose between four cards, namely “The love between a mother and daughter is forever”, “There is no better friend than a sister”, “Life is better with friends”, and “Making memories with you is my favourite thing to do”.
  • A maximum of 4 bracelets can fit on one card.
  • If you want several bracelets delivered on one card, then please leave a message with your order. All the bracelets will then be delivered on that one card.
  • Material: stainless steel
Heart bracelets to share example mother daughter