Scrunchie trends 2020

If you thought that the scrunchies belong to the past, you’re wrong! The scrunchies will also remain extremely popular in 2020! A number of trends that you already spotted last year will still be visible this year, but it’s also time for some new ones. Are you wondering what the scrunchie trends for 2020 are? Then keep on reading!

1. Scrunchies with animal print

Last year, you spotted scrunchies with a leopard print everywhere. You saw them in all kinds of colours and made of different fabrics. Also this year, you’ll spot the leopard print, but you’ll also spot other types of animal prints more often, such as the snake and zebra print.

2. scrunchies made of velvet

A scrunchie trend that has been popular since the return of the scrunchie is the velvet one. And also this year, this trend will not yet disappear. In addition to the plain version, you’ll see the velvet scrunchies with all types of prints and patterns.

3. scrunchies with ribbon

You may have already spotted them last year, the scrunchies with ribbon. However, you’ll see them more often this year! They come in plain variants, but also with prints and patterns. Some variants you’ll definitely spot this year are flowers, stripes, and animal prints.

4. Scrunchies made of satin

The satin scrunchies are a new trend for 2020. You’ll see these scrunchies in all colours of the rainbow, especially in bright ones. The soft fabric makes these types of scrunchies perfect for the summer.

5. Double scrunchies

The last trend for 2020 is the double scrunchies. You buy these scrunchies in pairs and the idea is that you wear these two scrunchies at the same time. This gives a great effect. Because you wear two scrunchies together, they’re somewhat narrower than the standard ones.

What do you think of the scrunchie trends for 2020? Which of these scrunchies will most likely end up in your collection?


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